If you take supplements, you already know that specific nutrients can help alleviate common human ailments. The good news: your dog may be able to take advantage of supplements to help with their canine-specific health issues.

Look for these or similar nutrition boosters formulated specifically for dogs. Don’t see these products at your natural products retailer? Ask the supplements manager to help find similar items.

Earth Animal Healthy Joints

This tincture-type formulation also has a nanotech delivery system to radically enhance uptake of nutrients. And it’s got the full spectrum of joint-health ingredients from glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to collagen, biotin and DHA. A dropper of liquid could be a more efficient way to get Fido to sit, stay and swallow.

Buckley Hip & Joint Chicken Jerky

Boosted with U.S.-sourced glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, this slobber-worthy, grain-free, high-protein treat contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Also available in tail-wagging beef and salmon flavors.

Canine Matrix Skin & Coat

Mushrooms, found in people supplements, work for pets, too. Among other formulas, Canine Matrix offers a skin-and-coat blend of seven organic mushrooms to relieve allergies and scratching. Added biotin and methionine nurture healthier fur.

Fidobiotics Good Guts

This powder tastes like peanut butter, and what dog doesn’t salivate over that? What’s really at work are 11 probiotic strains, two prebiotic fibers and four digestive enzymes for a healthy gut. Or, as the company puts it, “to quell the chaos that contributes to Fido’s farts.”

SFH Super Omega3 Pet Oil

This high-concentrate omega-3 oil provides an excellent source of DHA and EPA in just 1 teaspoon. MCTs from virgin coconut oil provide additional benefits, ranging from a more lustrous coat to healthier joints, heart and eyes.


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