For those who follow organic, gluten-free or vegan diets, the beers on tap in your neighborhood pub likely don’t cut it. Luckily, some natural retailers carry better craft beer and cider options, such as these favorites. 

Gluten-free beer

Austin Eastciders Hopped Cider

It doesn’t have to be beer. Cider looks basically the same. Dry apple cider is a great option for those on gluten-free diets. Tart, bittersweet apples and hops coax out hard apple cider’s bitter, beer-y notes.

Bard’s Beer

Some gluten-free beers brew with gluten-containing barley, and then add a special enzyme designed to remove the gluten. Although this may be OK for those with minor gluten sensitivities, if you have celiac disease you may want a completely gluten-free option like Bard’s, which brews with just sorghum, yeast, hops and water.


Organic beer



Eel River California Blonde Ale

From one of the first certified-organic breweries in the country comes this crisp, light ale. It features delicate malty notes and hops grown in the Pacific Northwest—all certified USDA Organic.





Peak Organic Evergreen IPA

This company’s signature certified-organic beer boasts a hoppy, bitter flavor, softened with juniper berries and spruce tips for piney undertones.



Vegan beer

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

Did you know some beers use animal byproducts in the filtration process? This amber from conscious brewery New Belgium is totally vegan. Some brews also use honey in their ingredients, so if you’re a strict vegan, inquire about the ingredients in your beer before sipping.