Lose the bread and contain your ’wich between these nutrient-dense veggies for a healthy, gluten-free (but still portable!) option.

Butter lettuce

Perfectly sized and shaped like a cup, butter lettuce’s delicate taste, sturdy leaves and soft texture ensure an excellent container for loose sandwich fillings, such as ground turkey, cheese, fresh sprouts or cooked quinoa. Bonus: Butter lettuce delivers ample vitamin K and vitamin A.

Portobello mushrooms

Packed with potassium, fiber and even a bit of protein, portobellos can handle hefty sandwich items such as grilled chicken breast, sliced cheese and avocado. Place fillings between two mushroom caps and wrap in parchment paper for transport. Warning: Eating this mushroom mash-up may require a knife and fork.










Rainbow chard

Chard’s large, robust leaves make this cruciferous green ideal for containing messy fillings, such as crumbled tofu, olives, hummus and more—and it doesn’t hurt that one leaf contains more than half your Daily Recommended Value of vitamin A. To make, remove the tough stem, lay the leaf flat, place fillings on one edge and roll the chard as if you’re making a burrito, tucking the ends in as you go.