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Ricotta-Stuffed Apricot Bites

Not only is dried fruit delicious, but as a preservation method, it reduces food waste. Dried fruit also creates year-round harvest seasons, making for a more sustainable agriculture model for many fruit farmers.

(gluten free, vegetarian)

Recipe Yield: 
30 servings
Recipe Ingredient Details: 
30 dried apricots
5 tablespoons ricotta cheese
2 teaspoons pure maple syrup
¼ cup roasted pistachios and/or peanuts, finely chopped
Recipe Instructions: 
Using a paring knife, cut a horizontal slit in each dried apricot to create a pocket (do not cut all the way through). In a small bowl, combine ricotta and maple syrup.
Spoon ½ teaspoon ricotta mixture into each apricot “pocket.” Flatten gently, and dip the exposed ricotta edge in chopped pistachios. If desired, secure with a toothpick. Arrange on a platter to serve.
Recipe Additional Notes: 

PER SERVING (1 bite): 19 cal, 1g fat (0g mono, 0g poly, 0g sat), 1mg chol, 2mg sodium, 2 carb, (0g fiber, 2g sugars), 1g protein

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