Set out these ingredients and let the fun begin:

  • Thinly sliced Serrano ham

  • Spanish cheese platter: wedges of blue-veined Cabrales, tangy Manchego, creamy Mahon, and/or Iberico (the latter three can be cubed)

  • Sliced piquillo peppers, stirred with a few crushed garlic cloves and capers and drizzled with olive oil

  • Spanish olives sprinkled with olive oil and sherry wine vinegar

  • Canned, drained mussels combined with bottled mustard vinaigrette and chopped fresh parsley (spear on toothpicks with bread chunks)

  • Endive leaves spread with a soft garlic cheese, topped with an anchovy or strip of piquillo pepper

  • Cubed Manchego or Mahon cheese mixed with olive oil, rosemary, paprika, and crushed garlic (serve with toothpicks)

  • Strips of piquillo pepper or Serrano ham wrapped around cooked shrimp or asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice