NeoCell Juiced-Up Cocktail

You’re wanting something tasty and fresh, something sophisticated but also something healthy. This cocktail, infused with NeoCell Super Collagen, delivers on all counts. If you are into juicing or have wanted to give it a try, this Juiced-Up Cocktail could be just the thing for that special afternoon pick-me-up. Can you say, “Happy Hour”?

NeoCell Juiced-Up Cocktail
Recipe Yield: 
2 servings
Recipe Ingredient Details: 
½ raw organic red beet (scrubbed, trimmed and unpeeled)
3 small or 1 large organic carrot (scrubbed, trimmed and unpeeled)
1 medium organic unpeeled lime (washed)
1 large organic unpeeled orange (washed)
1-inch piece fresh ginger (peeled)
¼ cup fresh wheatgrass or 1 ounce wheatgrass juice
1 generous handful organic parsley (washed)
2 scoops NeoCell Super Collagen
2 tablespoons raw organic agave nectar
Recipe Instructions: 
Using a high-powered juicer, juice the beet, carrot, lime, orange, apple, ginger, wheatgrass and parsley.
Whisk NeoCell Super Collagen and agave into the juice until completely dissolved. If you're using purchased pre-juiced wheatgrass, add it here instead of Step 1.
Fill two glasses with ice and pour juice through a fine-mesh strainer into glasses. If desired, garnish with citrus peel and more parsley.
Recipe Additional Notes: 

This recipe is part of "Collagen in the Kitchen" from Delicious Living and NeoCell. Download your copy today!

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