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13 easy, delicious quinoa recipes

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Susan Wolinsky (not verified)
on Feb 18, 2012

I appreciate getting new recipes and I like and eat quinoa, but every one of these recipes is unhealthy, having way too much fat and sodium. Several even have cholesterol in them. These recipes are almost all vegan and the one that is not can be made vegan. A classic vegan eating plan is one that that has no animal products,including dairy and has only minimal fats, no more than 2 to 3g per serving. I want to eat healthy food and would love some great quinoa recipes. Try again, please. Thanks.

linda kauffman (not verified)
on Feb 27, 2012

new recipes

on Mar 4, 2012

Thanks for your feedback! It's true that many of these contain fat ... but if you look carefully, you'll see that they come mostly in the form of "good" monounsaturated fats from foods like nuts and olive oil. Despite years of a bad rap for all fats, new medical wisdom tells us that these kinds of fats are absolutely necessary for good health. We also try to keep sodium levels at below RDI amounts per serving, which most of these are. And you're right, most non-vegan recipes can be made vegan; often it's just a matter of using oil instead of butter, or leaving out a garnish of cheese. But we'll keep watching our nutrition numbers and value your input! You can also find more of our quinoa recipes (with a few overlaps) here:

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