It used to be difficult to find true innovation when it came to natural beverages. For years you could only find better-for-you alternatives of conventional items: organic soymilk; organic orange juice bottled in multi-serve containers; and juice box packs for kids lunches.

Even when natural beverages started to become more available in the grab ’n go, refrigerated section of retail stores, new products underwhelmed. Soda replacements prevailed. While these fizzy beverages featured unique, fruity flavors, they were still rife in added sugar. Natural soda, after all, is still soda.

But in the past three years, something has shifted. Now, brands aren’t just “healthing up” existing products, they’re thinking about beverages in an entirely new way and encouraging shoppers to view single-serve, packaged drinks as a stand-in for something like nutrition bars. Easy-to-consume, vitamin- and mineral-packed beverages are the antidote to problems associated with modern life, including not eating enough fruits and vegetables, finding processed, sugary products nestled in every corner of conventional stores and experiencing a perpetual lack of time to cook a healthy breakfast or lunch.

Rather than choosing beverages based just on flavor, consumers are now embracing functional options that deliver on health. Meet the new products that are pioneering better-for-you natural beverages.