Are you a vegan looking for tasty toppings and dips? Dig into these velvety plant-based spreads, sauces and schmears made without animal products. 

Kite Hill Plain Cream Cheese Style Spread

Use this almond-based spread as a vegan starting point for dip recipes that call for cream cheese, such as spinach-artichoke dip. Made with cultures, salt and vinegar, Kite Hill’s version is tangy, smooth and fantastic for bagels and cooking alike.

The Honest Stand Cheddar Style Dip

Who knew? When they’re blended, potatoes, carrots, onions and cashews transform into a creamy, low-calorie dip that’s a dead-ringer for cheese sauce. Pour over cooked macaroni for a dairy-free meal, or heat and serve with mini pretzel bites for a cholesterol-free, ballpark-perfect nosh. 

Let Thy Food Hatch Valley Queso

Ingredients like Hatch green chiles, lime juice, garlic and hickory smoke infuse this cashew-based sauce with Southwestern flavors. Scoop with tortilla chips, or drizzle this paleo-friendly sauce over burritos, tacos, beans and rice, and more. 

Daiya Cream Cheeze Style Spreads

Add this creamy spread—available in plain, strawberry, chive and onion, and garden vegetable—to the brunch table and watch it disappear one schmear at a time. Like all of Daiya’s products, these spreads are totally vegan and soy free. 

La Onda Almond Dip & Spread Roasted Garlic

This goes-with-anything dip is made with blended raw almonds, grapeseed oil, lemon juice, gluten-free tamari sauce, nutritional yeast, garlic and spices—that’s it! Swap in La Onda’s spread instead of mayo for a seriously delicious sandwich. 

Good Lovin’ Dip Chipotle Chili

Tired of plain ol’ hummus? This thick vegan dip contains nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews and pepitas to impart creamy texture and protein-dense nutrition. Nutritional yeast, coconut aminos, garlic and mushroom powder add umami flavor.