Sometimes seeking fresh, organic, and local food is tough. What if you’re busy during the weekend farmer’s market? Mason Arnold, founder of the Texas-based online grocery delivery service, has addressed how to get more organic food to more people.

“Greenling was born really out of a passion for sustainability,” Arnold said in an interview with Organic Connections magazine. “I had this epiphany that if we fixed the food system, so many other things would take care of themselves. I got together with some college buddies and started researching food and where we thought we could make a difference. We decided getting food from the farm to the table was a better way, so we hit the ground running.”

The majority of products listed for purchase on are USDA Organic—ranging from produce to pantry staples and artisanal cheeses—and others are locally or sustainably sourced. The company even offers free delivery. “We believe that for any community that wants to rebuild local food systems this is a great piece of the puzzle,” Arnold explains. “We think farmers’ markets are important, and we think having local and organic and brick-and-mortar retail is important too. But our model fills the gap between those and provides a better alternative for farmers, a better sales channel for them.”

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