There’s no question that a lot is wrong with the current American food system. Livestock is mistreated on factory farms, pesticides and herbicides are overused, and the ubiquity of GMOs threaten organic purity. But despite these issues, filmmakers Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson were compelled to focus on the positive, hopeful aspects in Grow!, their most recent documentary.  

“There were a couple things we wanted to accomplish,” Christine explained in an interview with Organic Connections. “One was to encourage more young people to farm, to really look at it as something that they could do, especially with this economy…

“The other thing we wanted to accomplish was just to open people’s eyes as to what was going on. We’ve screened all over the United States, and it’s kind of surprising—the average person is like, ‘Oh, I had no idea people were doing that!’ Farming sustainably on a small scale is not something that the general public knows about.”

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