Sriracha. Though rooted in Thai cuisine, cayenne-based Sriracha (aka rooster sauce) is loved in America for its perfectly balanced flavor—subtly spicy with a touch of sweetness.

Try: Sky Valley by OrganicVille Sriracha Sauce

Salsa verde. Roasted tomatillos, golf-ball-size green fruits, meld with jalapeños, lime, and cilantro in this traditional Mexican sauce. Beyond chip dip, it adds zing to burgers, marinades, or stir-fries.

Try: White Girl Salsa Medium Tomatillo

Jerk. Scotch bonnet peppers give this mix intense heat; cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and garlic add dimension. Use on fish, shrimp, and poultry, or enjoy at street-side meat stands throughout Jamaica.

Try: The Shizzle Jerk Marinade

Sambal. In the United States, this Southeast Asian condiment is usually called Sambal Oelek, a nod to the mortar and pestle used to create it. Just a touch adds rich, fiery flavor to meat, seafood, and produce.

Try: Huy Fong Sambal Oelek

Indian curry. Turmeric pairs with chiles and herbs to create aromatic curry sauces that dress up grains, meats, and vegetables. We love spicy Madras curry, which gets heat from dried red chile peppers.

Try: Maya Kaimal Madras Curry