At first glance, you might not think these statements reflect the leading edge of beauty science. But the shifting ideals highlighted in the #rethinkbeautiful campaign from ingredient company Lycored align with recent research connecting how you live and feel with how you look. Beauty from within—the belief that what you eat, the supplements you take and even how you manage stress affect your outward appearance—is not new. But now, emerging science supports that concept, and more people are embracing it.

“Over the last 24 months, there is a sense of change in the air, led by a true shift in people’s awareness of the role of nutrition in skin wellness and appearance,” says Golan Raz, PhD, head of the Global Health Division at Lycored. “We see a growing acknowledgment of the importance of overall wellness and well-being and the direct link to beauty.” 

Ask nearly any health or beauty expert, and they’ll tell you that great skin, hair and nails don’t start with your skin cream or shampoo (though high-quality personal care products can certainly support the cause, so check out this year’s Delicious Living Beauty & Body Awards online for our favorite picks). Diet and lifestyle are two of the biggest factors in graceful aging, as noted in a landmark 2009 study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The highly publicized findings took multiple sets of identical twins and compared their appearances to prove that those who had poor habits—smoking, drinking and eating poorly—looked considerably older and less healthy than those who focused more on wellness.

Today, evolving science goes beyond beauty villains (alcohol and cigarettes, no surprise) to the nutrients and lifestyle habits that make you feel and look more vibrant. Increasingly, supplements are an important part of that conversation.

“A diet filled with fresh, whole, mostly seasonal foods is the core of any beauty diet,” says Jolene Hart, author of Eat Pretty Every Day (Chronicle, 2016). “But supplements and superfoods are excellent choices to supercharge the results you see and feel from your daily meals.”

Regarding your body as a system can help you visualize how your appearance depends on what’s happening inside. “You can’t and shouldn’t look at the skin as a stand-alone organ but should see it as a part of the overall mind-body system,” says Raz. “A balanced mind supports a balanced body.”