Even the cutest pups get into smelly situations. Whether your pooch rolled in a mud puddle or did a gold medal–worthy dumpster dive, here’s how to regain her cuddly condition.

Step 1.

Place a sieve-style hair catcher over the sink or tub drain. This is especially important if your dog has long or shaggy hair.



Step 2.

Before the bath, brush your dog’s hair. Brushing removes loose, dead hair and helps her coat to dry faster.


Step 3.

In a soothing voice, coax your pup into the tub. Use lukewarm (not hot) water and a handheld sprayer, if available, to soak your dog’s coat.

Step 4.

Use a specially formulated dog shampoo and work into a lather. (Human shampoos typically have a higher pH, which can dry a dog’s skin.) Or make your own gentle shampoo [read also: DIY dog beauty: 5 pet shampoos you can make at home]. Be careful not to get any shampoo into her eyes or ears.


Step 5.

Rinse well, since shampoo residue can irritate dog skin. Don’t use a blow dryer; they are too hot for dogs. Simply pat down and rub your dog with a towel and then let her air-dry. 

Step 6. 

Give her a treat—good girl!