The consensus among these experts—scientific, therapeutic and musical—is that music is a vehicle for memories, emotions, healing and connection: physical, interpersonal and spiritual.

It’s the intention behind the music—carried in the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic syrup—that does the work.

“The key to it all is love,” says Krishna Das, echoing Uttal’s sentiment. “Love is the healing factor in everything we do. It’s what everybody’s looking for, whether they call it love or not. It’s the love that lasts 24/365. It doesn’t come, it doesn’t go, you don’t get it from someone else. Someone else can maybe uncover it in you for a moment, so it shows you where to look,” he says.

“But you have to look.”

Perhaps the hunt for love is what music—the right music— excites in us. Makes sense. Surely love has survival value.