The latest data on the health benefits of alcohol contributes to a larger societal interest in being more mindful overall about alcohol, says Bunning, who appreciates the social connections that bring craft beer aficionados across generations to the community table or race course.

“The important thing is informed choice,” Bunning says. “We want to make sure the public has all the information about alcohol—the good and the bad.”

In terms of the bad: Research shows moderate drinking can increase the risk of colon and breast cancer. But the cardiovascular health boost offsets these risks, especially in middle age when heart disease is a larger concern and cause for disease and death, according to Harvard’s school website. Also, consider your willpower to stop drinking after the recommended one to two drinks per day. For many, imbibing in one drink tends to lead to another … and another, putting them at risk of multiple heavy-drinking episodes per week, not to mention the many excess (non-filling) calories that go down fast.

Korslund turns 41 next week and will be in the local pub for a girls’ night out. It’s her reward for five days a week at the gym. “I used to drink a beer every night, but now I do two nights a week, mostly for my waistline,” she says. “But I’ll add one in for special occasions.”