As someone who eats healthfully, exercises regularly and practices mindful living, you’re likely already an inspiration to those around you. Here are three ways to continue leading by example:

1. Speak up! Know someone who feels shy in front of the doctor? Offer to accompany him to medical appointments. You’re not there to dominate the conversation; just gently remind him about questions he planned to ask if he happens to forget.

2. Share what you know. If you have something important to say about your own health journey—say, tips for daily type 2 diabetes management—blog about it, and encourage readers to share your blog with others. Or consider starting a local support group for others in your situation. Don’t stress about finding a meeting place; begin by gathering at a coffee shop or in your own living room.

3. Post, post, post! Tweet the link to a fun workout you discovered on YouTube, or snap photos of a nutritious meal you made. (If someone requests the recipe, post that too.) You never know how far a little healthy inspiration can spread.