Top 12 healthy cookbooks of 2010

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Dec 16, 2010

alan's books are a treasure. lucky are those who hire him as their private chef! I have had that pleasure to eat his delicious and sustainable, local foods!
I look forward to more and more from alan!
joan apter (not verified)
on Dec 16, 2010

I just picked up "The Indian Slow Cooker" by Anupy Singla and it ROCKS! Most of the recipes are vegan and they are VERY inexpensive to make and taste like they came from a restaurant. Super easy too. probably a good book for raw moms who still cook for cooked dads. You don't need to add oil so the foods are basic and spices easy to find. I have never used so used so many recipe out of one book. I love Ani Phyo's raw books too. I just don't always have the ingredients on had and some are a little more difficult to make, but LOVE them.
I will be blogging about both of these books at

Paula Haggerty (not verified)
on Dec 23, 2010

I love this superfood!!! This book will be on my Christmas list!

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