Flowers are pretty, but this Thanksgiving, celebrate autumn’s bounty with a beautiful foodie tablescape.

Appetizer wreath

On a large plate or cutting board, arrange fresh rosemary sprigs in a circle, creating a wreath shape. Fill the wreath with an assortment of cured olives, crackers and cubed cheese, such as extra-sharp white cheddar and Gruyère and small orbs of fresh mozzarella. Set out toothpicks for easy snacking.

Apple art

For a strking presentation, line the table with several round wood slabs. Turn a tea candle upside down over the stem-side of an apple and trace around the candle. Remove apple flesh inside the traced line with a paring knife and spoon. Brush inside of apple with lemon juice and place candle inside. Repeat to make a dozen apple candles; place on wood slabs.

Produce pops

For a simple, striking centerpiece, pile seasonal fruits and gourds at the center of the table. A variety of apples, pears, grapes, acorn squash, Jack Be Little pumpkins and orange-green turban squash adds pops of color and interesting textures. Adorn with pinecones and leaves. After dinner, encourage guests to take them home.