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What’s in season?

by Jenny Ivy
May 25, 2017

What fruits are in season and when? These pics will help you remember:

All spring and summer, I look forward to a special time. About three-and-a-half hours west of Denver is Palisade, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain equivalent of Napa Valley. There, nestled next to high cliffs, is an area with a 182-day growing season and is known as “The Peach Capital of Colorado.”

I look forward to the peach harvest season every year, but I have to wait until just about the end of summer to enjoy the peaches (they also have fabulous wine vineyards and a wine festival every September).

While I wait for my juicy, flavorful peaches, I am lured to more fruits that are available at different times throughout the spring and summer seasons. In the warmer months, it’s a special treat to be able to go to my local natural market and smell, touch, taste and gaze on the brilliant display of fruits.

So, what’s in season and when? These pics below will help you remember:

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