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Party-worthy appetizer: Beet-pickled deviled eggs

by Elisa Maria Bosley
Nov 02, 2012

A recent Colorado farm dinner featured these gorgeous deviled eggs ... and the chef agreed to share the recipe!

Recently I attended a wonderful farm dinner at Ollin Farms in Longmont, Colorado, hosted by SOURCE Local Foods (more on them in a later post).

While the entire menu was delicious and filled with locally grown and produced foods, I was especially taken with the plate of colorful, Beet-Pickled Deviled Eggs. A creation from Chef Dale Lamb, who runs a catering company, it’s a clever way to elevate a common appetizer to special-occasion status using seasonal ingredients.

Get his recipe here, which he dictated to me over the phone. Note that this recipe hasn’t yet been tested in the Delicious Living kitchen … but the instructions sound right on to me. I plan to make them for my next holiday party!

What's your favorite seasonal appetizer? Share in the comments below. 

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