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Organic, nutritious, inexpensive recipes: check, check, check

by Elisa Maria Bosley
Sep 12, 2014

Download our new, free Healthy & Affordable meal plan.

I am so proud of the new tools we’ve got on Delicious Living’s Healthy and Affordable portal.

These three pieces—a One-Week Meal Plan, Shopping List, and Nutrient Content Chart—represent hours and hours of work by one of our dedicated retail sales reps, Ola Lau. (Our retail reps sell the magazine to natural products stores—and they give it to you free, as a gift. So remember to thank your retailer!)

Ola earned a nutrition degree from Metro State Denver and has a fierce social-justice streak. She’s the one who really began waving the banner of “healthy food for everyone” that has become a major focus for us at New Hope. (See my commentary on the topic, “Is healthy food only for rich people?”)

What makes the Delicious Living One-Week Meal Plan special?

  • Meals clock in at or close to the SNAP (food stamp) budgets.
  • Ingredients used in the recipe are not just healthy; many are organic! In fact, costs represent organic choices for the Dirty Dozen, those foods that are important to prioritize as organic because of high pesticide residues in conventionally grown versions.
  • Thanks to Ola’s nutrition know-how, the nutrient content for the entire week achieves, is close to, or exceeds the recommended nutrient intakes for every major nutrient. That means you’re not only eating inexpensively (which, let’s face it, you could do at McDonald’s)—you’re eating healthy.
  • The One-Week Meal Plan offers ideas and recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for seven days; that means you can repeat, mix and match to eat healthy and affordably all month long.
  • Our design team made these tools as beautiful as they are useful.

And it’s all free! Download them here:

→ One-Week Meal Plan

→ Shopping List

→ Nutrient Content Chart

I hope you’ll download these tools for your own use and that you’ll spread them far and wide; they’re a great addition to the goal of bringing healthy food to everyone. And let us know your best money-saving, healthy recipes and strategies; let's add to the list!

Photo: iStock/Thinkstock.

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on Aug 26, 2015

These are great tools that I can't wait to use. Anything that helps in the effort to prepare healthy, organic meals is welcomed!

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