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Help create the best natural & organic gift guide!

by Elisa Maria Bosley
Nov 25, 2014

We're taking a crowd-source approach to create the Best. Gift. List. Ever. Post a photo of yourself or another giftee and your ideas for awesome, natural and organic gifts. Organic truffles, anyone?

We had a lot of fun thinking about this year’s holiday gift guide. Rather than a straightforward lineup of great natural and organic items, we decided to structure the story around the people who’d be on your and our gift lists: the so-chic grandmother, the crazy friend who lives for the next bungee jump, the uber-hip Millennial, even the hyper-friendly dog.

Once we had our “types,” our staff photographer, Erin Manning, and I went out into town to get real pictures of real people. That’s right: The images you see in our December issue and the online gallery aren’t professional models; they’re just cheerful (and game) everyday women, men, and pets who agreed to let us use their portraits.

But now let’s have some interactive fun …

  • Who is on your list? What fabulous presents have you dreamed up or already purchased?
  • On InstagramPinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, tag us with #peoplepleasers in photos of yourself or friends—preferably engaged in a “that’s so you” activity.
  • Do the same with photos of healthy, natural gifts of any kind that you would love to give or receive.
  • We’ll gather as many as possible to repost before the holidays in a single online gallery or other format. (Storify, anyone?)

Voilà: We’ll end up with a much larger visual gift-idea list created by you and your fellow health-and-wellness, devoted-to-organic, tree-hugging enthusiasts. Crowdsourcing for the common good!

See you online, and happy holidays from all of us to all of you.


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