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5 favorite natural beauty products for summer

5 favorite natural beauty products for summer

Jun 16, 2017
Delicious Living's personal care editor rounds up a couple of her favorite natural sunscreens, along with a few other beauty picks to tote on your...
Buying local

Chef-recommended tips on buying local food

Jun 05, 2017
Andrew Garrison, executive chef at the Gleneden Beach, Oregon-based restaurant Samphire, gives us the local food lowdown....

What’s in season?

May 25, 2017
What fruits are in season and when? These pics will help you remember:...

This just in: Americans are eating a lot of avocados

May 11, 2017
A new USDA report shows—shocker!—avocado consumption is rising. But just how much we rely on foreign imports for this popular fruit is surprising....

This trend is a-brewing!

May 05, 2017
New coffee- and tea-based products are brewing over and you're going to want to taste them!...
humane meat

5 ways to check if your meat is humane

May 01, 2017
When it comes to feeling confident that poultry and beef are sourced using humane methods, shoppers are increasingly pushing for the veil to lift...

Why we fell in love with Stonyfield all over again

Apr 19, 2017
We couldn't help but be smitten with this organic dairy company's authentic, creative post that helps tell its story and reconnect with its mission....
Baking bread

Why (and how) to make your own bread

Apr 10, 2017
How one food editor got over her phobia, and learned to love the bread-making process....
How to love your body

How to love EVERY body

Apr 07, 2017
Ten tips that can help steer you toward a more positive self body image in the modern world....
Conscious consumerism

Conscious consumerism can save the world. Here's how.

Mar 24, 2017
An article recently published on discounted the importance of supporting ethical businesses. This is why we disagree....
Food porn

Beware the dangers of food porn

Mar 23, 2017
Food porn makes you hungry — it’s a scientific fact. But can it also be doing you harm?...

Should you throw away food after the expiration date?

Jan 24, 2017
We can’t argue with playing it safe when it comes to perishables, but it’s still important to be aware that not all date labels are created equal....

Morale booster

Jan 12, 2017
Does it ever feel like a problem is so big, there's little you can do to help? When it comes to our world's waste epidemic, the solution starts with...

Our promise to you in 2017

Dec 28, 2016
Read Delicious Living's promise to uphold its legacy of bringing you 30-plus years of trusted, fact-checked, accurate and inspiring health and...

Make this slightly sweet, roasted acorn squash

Nov 11, 2016
We're obsessed with this delicious acorn squash recipe, dusted with unrefined coconut sugar....
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