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6 ways to waste less when eating out
Get tips to lessen your eco-impact whether dining in or taking drinks or grub to-go.
Why you need iodine—and how to get enough
Iodine, a trace element, is one of the most important—and most overlooked—minerals your body needs. Some experts fear iodine deficiency is on the rise again, especially among women.
What you get when you buy B Corp goods
You like to support companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental and social stewardship, but separating the authentic few from the greenwashing masses can be tricky. That’s where B Lab comes in.
26 ways to thrive in an unhealthy world
The upsides of modern advances come loaded with downsides: We’re more sedentary, stressed, and exposed to toxins than ever before. Learn all-natural solutions for top health menaces you’re facing now.
Retail health experts' tips to survive and thrive
Get holistic advice from retail-based experts for the modern maladies you face now.
3 steps to uncover a food intolerance or allergy 3
If you suspect certain foods may be hijacking your health, it’s important for long-term wellness to find out for sure.
FDA delays triclosan ruling until 2012
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was set to rule on the use of the synthetic antibacterial triclosan in consumer products by this past spring, but the agency will postpone making a stance until 2012.
2010 vitamins and supplements sales by category 1
See which supplement categories flourished and which ones floundered in the natural, conventional and combined channels in 2010.
FDA still fuzzy on liquid supplements vs. beverages
The Food and Drug Administration’s draft guidance distinguishing liquid dietary supplements from functional beverages could have major impact on the supplements industry should the agency begin enforcing it, experts say.
Crossing the Chasm: A DSHEA Roadmap for Retailers
Expo West session to educate retailers on how to legally discuss supplements with customers.
Learn how to sleep more soundly 3
Three natural health experts offer their advice on getting a good night's sleep.
Delicious non-dairy milks with essential nutrients
These plant-based, non-dairy milks offer taste, versatility, and essential nutrients—even if lactose doesn't tousle your tummy.
Virgin olive oil healthiest for heart
Virgin olive oil healthiest for heart
Virgin olive oil may better protect against heart disease than more refined olive oils, suggests a European study.
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