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10 uses for lemon
10 clever uses for lemon
Keep a bag or bowl of lemons in your kitchen to tackle more than just recipe flavoring. You’ll find you can do amazing things for your body, skin and even your home.
8 steps to self-check for skin cancer
The good news: melanoma and other skin cancers may show visible signs. Learn how to spot the risk signals by using this self-check guide.
Get social about #EarthDay
#EarthDay2018 is April 22. As a Delicious Living community that prioritizes green living, let's band together and use our voices as a force for good.
9 superstar ingredients to lift your mood
Need a pick-me-up without resorting to energy drinks or caffeine? Add these 9 ingredients to your next dish to get an all-natural mood booster.
spring and sustainability
3 unique ways to go green for spring
Spring is a good time to consider new routes for being eco-friendly.
10 surprising uses for vinegar
Whether you’re trying to keep insects out of your kitchen, make your stemware sparkle or soothe a jelly fish sting, vinegar is a versatile solution for everyday issues or surprising scenarios.
relaxing bath
7 things that can ruin bath time (and what to do instead)
Relaxing in a steamy bath can be very beneficial to your health—it’s been proven. Here are seven scenarios that will keep you from your bubbles, and what you can do about them.
10 ways to use cocoa butter for beauty and health
Cocoa butter offers several health benefits for skin and other areas of the body. Here are 10 ways you can use this super ingredient.
paleo friendly flour
5 paleo-friendly flours for the holiday season
Between pies, sweets and gluten-heavy dishes, paleo dieters are left with few indulgences at parties and feasts. Here are five paleo-friendly flours that can make awesome alternatives to traditional, carb- and gluten-heavy all-purpose flour.
10 clever uses for apple cider vinegar
Far from food purposes, apple cider vinegar can be a useful ingredient in a variety of day-to-day activities.
Food allergies
Food allergies on the rise in adults
Almost half of adults with food allergies say they developed them during adulthood, according to a new study from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).
7 indoor plants for better health
The winter months are upon us, and it’s time to focus on how to stay healthy as we spend most of our time indoors. Here are seven indoor plants to stock around the house this winter.
8 ways to make your Halloween more green
What’s spookier than 100 billion plastic bags being thrown away? By far, Halloween is one of the most non-eco-friendly holidays. What can you do to have a green Halloween? Here are 8 tips.
8 breathing techniques to calm anxiety
A panic attack or anxiety episode can be scary and difficult to manage, but experts agree breathing techniques can help during those times. Here are 8 ways to relieve the symptoms of anxiety through breathing.
10 clever uses for baking soda
Here’s how you can use baking soda to your advantage on your path to a healthier, cleaner and better-looking you.
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