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8 breathing techniques to calm anxiety
A panic attack or anxiety episode can be scary and difficult to manage, but experts agree breathing techniques can help during those times. Here are 8 ways to relieve the symptoms of anxiety through breathing.
10 clever uses for baking soda
Here’s how you can use baking soda to your advantage on your path to a healthier, cleaner and better-looking you.
Even small amounts of fruit and vegetables are beneficial
A new study—the first of its kind—explains how even moderate intake of fruit, vegetables and legumes may lower a person’s risk of heart disease and death.
Avoid high amount of carbs, live longer, study says
A diet high in carbs may just kill you, according to a new study from researchers at McMaster University in Ontario.
5 ways strawberries are great for your health
Strawberries are good for your health, and eating just eight a day could improve heart health, help manage diabetes, and even reduce the risk of some cancers.
Major bison restoration campaign launches
In order to boost the bison population, you should be eating more of it.
New studies show mangos can boost health
The National Mango Board is touting multiple studies that found potential health benefits associated with eating mangos. These health benefits include improved blood pressure, blood sugar control and gut health.
Guide to building a better burger
Guide to building a better burger
When it comes to really jazzing up our basic b​urgers with healthy swaps, our friends at Rudi's put together a helpful infographic.
10 tips for handling food outside
Your best barbecue: 10 tips for handling food outside
Here are 10 food safety tips to ensure you’ll enjoy your next barbecue or picnic without the worries of illness.
20 healthy home-garden recipes
During the spring and summer months, explore new ways to reap the benefits of having your own thriving garden.
Cinnamon and heart disease
AHA Study: Cinnamon may reduce effects of high-fat diet
Cinnamon may help reduce the damaging effects that a high-fat diet can cause, according to new research.
14 sweet recipes just for Mom
Moms deserve nothing but sweetness on Mother’s Day.
How to eat less meat
10 ways to make your meat (and money) go further
Here are 10 ways to save on your grocery bill and boost nutrition in your meals by stretching animal proteins.
LEED certification
What is LEED certification?
When a building—either new or existing—obtains a LEED certification, it is meeting standards that ensure less energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and healthier environments.
buying organics
People are buying more organics than ever
More households than ever bought organic food on a regular basis throughout 2015 and 2016.