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Kid-friendly veggie recipes
Do you live with pint-sized picky eaters? Here's how to get kids to enjoy fresh produce.
Crispy baked taquitos
When kids are busy they’re not thinking about what foods they like and don’t like. If you're prepared with a veggie-packed snack, it might get gobbled up quickly just for the sake of hurrying back to playing. Wrap these individually in foil for take-along snacks or lunch; or serve right away for a tasty dinner. Cut in half for little hands.
Apricot and butternut squash roll-ups
All kids like fruit roll-ups, which are basically just dehydrated purees, so why not try it with veggies? Using various combos that are interesting, fun, and sweet, you’ll be sure to get some veggies into your kiddos. If this is too sweet, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a few strawberries to the puree.
Garden Shrimp Tacos
When kids have a chance to grow food, they learn where food comes from and develop a reverence for the earth. Chopping the vegetables into small pieces retains their texture but makes them more palatable to young taste buds. As with all tacos, these are easy to customize.
Farmer's Market Soup
When shopping, let your children choose vegetables that look appealing to them; this increases their natural curiosity and willingness to taste.
Spinach-Basil Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes
Incorporating veggies is a great way to "health up" this family favorite.
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